05 May, 2012

Big Bear!

I went to Big Bear a couple weekends ago for the Lyrid meteor shower with a few friends. We had alot of fun 'roughing it' in my family friend's cabin. We hit up thrift shops and cooked dinners and watched meteors by a giant piece of drift wood right by the lake. Was an awesome weekend. I got 4 pieces of fabric for $4 that I am making 3 dresses and a shirt out of. Not too bad for $4...

Flirting Nails

Stupid name but loving this boring nude shimmery colour by Sinful. I put a coat of holo glitter on top for more sparkles.

02 May, 2012

Kings Mani

This is one of my Kings Mani's I wore to round one Game 3 of playoffs. Epic game!

This used to be a duck...

Now it's a duckephant. Silly puppy chewed a beak.

First Kings Mani

This is the first version of my LA Kings mani. Posted them backwards. I love the little crown stamp! Fit for a Kings victory!

01 May, 2012

Been a while...

Sorry for lagging on manicures and posting in general. I'm a huge LA Kings Hockey fan and they're doing pretty fantastic in their race for the Stanley Cup! I've been fortunate enough to go to a few games and even pound on the glass! Hockey aside, I am trying to find a better job and get used to my new living situation. Things are great otherwise. I can't complain :D

23 March, 2012

Random nails

I destroyed a couple nails and had to make repaints.

21 March, 2012

I got bored

I dotted the crap out of my yellow nails. I was bored.

Still mellow...

My hands are so hurting from work I don't have it in me to throw acetone on these hands. I really like this mani. I put an extra coat of matte on top to keep it sturdy for another day.